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Huawei's sophisticated and elegant light rail train debuts

Industry Information
On May 10, the 2018 Huawei Infrastructure Core Supplier Conference with the theme of "Open Cooperation, Integrity Performance" was held in Dongguan. Huawei's senior leaders and nearly a hundred core partners attended the meeting.
The Songshan Lake energy storage light rail vehicle developed by CRRC Zhuji for Huawei is the first cooperation between the two parties. With excellent quality, reliable performance, and excellent performance capabilities, CRRC Zhuzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. has become the "Huawei Infrastructure Rookie Cooperation Unit" and is the only rail transportation equipment industry supplier to receive this honor. Chen Zhixin, deputy general manager of CRRC, took the stage to accept the award on behalf of the company.




Seize the opportunity + continuous innovation, the first "crystallization" of cooperation
CRRC Zhuji is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of rail transit system solutions, and always puts customer demand for products in the first place. This time, the first "crystallization" in cooperation with Huawei was born-Huawei Songshan Lake Energy Storage Type light rail vehicle.






It is the world's first supercapacitor energy storage light rail vehicle customized for classic buildings and green ecological high-tech industrial parks. It mainly serves the commuting of employees of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Smart Terminal Headquarters and Dongguan Songshan Lake Base, as well as important customers and cooperation. Partner's park visit and business negotiation.
Modern technology and classic style complement each other. With high reliability, stability and comfort, vehicles have become the primary tool for park visits and reception. It has become a beautiful landscape of Huawei's "European Town".






Green intelligence + exquisite and elegant design, giving people a "five-star" riding experience
Huawei's Songshan Lake energy storage light rail vehicle is taking the "high-end customization" route, which can be described as "high-end atmosphere and high-end": the shape is masculine and tough, the color is strong and stable; the red body with brass lines has a strong visual impact; the interior Elegant style, bronze solid wood seats, wood grain water transfer wall panels, and copper strips decorated with retro lamps, allowing passengers to find a sense of leap in the era in the strong retro style of the vehicle, giving people a "five-star" riding experience.




The car is not only high in appearance, but also high in technology. First, the car creatively uses the world's largest capacity 12000F super capacitor as the traction power source, which can be charged within 30 seconds, with a cycle life of more than 1 million times; secondly, to adapt to the multi-curved and small-curved lines of Songshan Lake Park Under the circumstances, the car uses a customized articulated bogie, which greatly improves the vehicle's small curve turning ability and makes the vehicle run more smoothly.
Songshan Lake is a natural ecological protection area, fragrant grass lush, sparkling. CRRC Zhuji has also been committed to creating a mode of transportation that develops harmoniously with the environment. The car adopts electric driving mode, which realizes efficient energy recycling and zero pollution emission; LED lamps in the car replace traditional fluorescent lamps, which can save energy by 30%.
Zhou Qinghe, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of CRRC, said that a good start is half the battle. CRRC is willing to use this cooperation as an opportunity to enhance understanding and mutual trust, and consolidate and build a win-win situation for the future. The long-term cooperative relationship has promoted the application and technological development of green and intelligent public transportation products in Huawei’s Songshan Lake Park.